Arkana lives in the Arkansas Writers’ MFA Program at the University of Central Arkansas. The magazine was spawned in Spring 2016 and launched its inaugural issue in November that same year. This fully-online publication is staffed and edited by graduate students and accepts submissions from the whole universe at large.

Our Mission

Arkana seeks and fosters a sense of shared wonder by privileging art that asks questions, explores mystery, and works to discover and uncover the overlooked, the misunderstood, and the silent.

Masthead – Who We Are

Managing Editor: Rachel Hoge
Fiction Editor: Cassie Hayes
Poetry Editor: Drew S. Cook
Nonfiction Editor: Jacqulyn West
Scriptwriting Editor: Shua Miller
Book Review Editor: Devon Norris
Art Editor: Kirk Jordan

Fiction Readers:
Liz Larson
Shua Miller
Énbarr Coleman

Nonfiction Readers:
Cassie Hayes
Liz Larson
Shua Miller
Rachel Hoge

Poetry Readers:
JJ McNiece
Mark Lager
Mikayla Davis
Callie Tahat

Design Committee:
Énbarr Coleman
Devon Norris
Kirk Jordan
Mikayla Davis
Rachel Hoge

Web Consultant: Benjamin C. Roy Cory Garrett

Supervising Editor: Dr. Jennifer Case