For our Micro Issue, Arkana invites you to magnify the microscopic.

Once called “little magazines,” literary journals have long been interested in cultivating small-scale communities and promoting the work of authors and editors toiling on their art outside of national markets. For Arkana’s Micro Issue, we’re commemorating this heritage while seeking work that packs a punch in pint-sized form.

From nanotechnology, the singularity at the center of a black hole, microbiology, and microbursts to microbreweries, “The Itsy Bitsy Spider,” Hershey’s miniatures, Little Rock, and Honey, I Shrunk the Kids, we want work that celebrates its smallness, amplifies the tiniest voices with the most to say, and challenges society’s perceptions of the marginal, modest, and miniscule.

Send us up to 500 words of fiction or creative nonfiction, 10 lines of poetry, 4 panels of illustrated narrative, or 5 minute scripts for the stage or screen.

In addition to publication in the Micro Issue, each piece will be considered for $50.00 Editor’s Choice Awards in each genre.

Deadline is March 31, 2019.

What We’re Looking For

As a journal of mysteries and marginalized voices, we’re looking for quality writing that is thought-provoking and literary. We are especially interested in work that explores the identities and experiences of those listed below:

  • People and writers of color, including but not limited to African Americans, Asian Americans, Indian Americans, Latinx and Hispanic Americans, Native Americans, Middle Easterners, and Pacific Islanders.
  • Immigrants.
  • Translated work and work by writers who do not live in the United States.
  • LGBTQ+.
  • Neurodivergent writers.
  • Women and women writers.
  • Inhabitants of and writers from the Delta.
  • Work about disability or by disabled writers.
  • Work by writers fifty years old or older.
  • The resource poor, whether urban or rural.
  • Those who have experienced or been impacted by incarceration.
  • Work about the nonhuman, or work that challenges anthropocentrism.
  • Work in genres not often featured in literary journals, such as hybrid pieces, illustrated narratives, and short scripts (10 to 20 pages) for the stage or screen.

Other Particulars

Please include a brief biographical statement in your cover letter and feel free to discuss how our mission statement does or does not resonate with you as an artist.

Simultaneous submissions are completely acceptable–just withdraw your submission as soon as it’s accepted elsewhere.

We welcome submissions by established and emerging artists unaffiliated with the University of Central Arkansas.

Please submit work not previously published online or in print.

Additional Thoughts

The Arkana staff is not a sectarian body. We do not discard submissions, unread, based on a set of unwritten rules regarding ampersands, punctuation, or any one of the innumerable, trivial matters that do, at times, inflame the passions of our craft. We also recognize that genre distinctions sometimes defy easy categorization, and hope that you will join us in embracing the ambiguity! If in doubt about categories, just take your best guess. We simply wish to be moved by great art, and we hope to pass that experience on to our readers.