You have options: above, below,
or ashes. Watch your step: pine

rots, pocking
the ground. How people become

obstacles: footfalls on oyster shells
become footsteps on gravel. Fake

jack o’ lanterns compete with artificial
crab wire trees in this town

of second homes, Cheneys,
Rumsfelds, and Ferraris. The living

lend their shadows to lit windows.
The brunette enters the bed-

and-breakfast with a black suitcase
where the previous owners arranged

bodies. Place a brick behind
their stones when they start to sink.

Taylor Fedorchak is a Maryland native. In May 2016, she received her Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing from Salisbury University. Her work has appeared in journals such as: Pittsburgh Poetry Review, decomP, The Quaker, and Polaris.