Two Poems by Ellery Beck


From solid teak, I want             to write
about our love, but we never made      it there. Or maybe,
we did. Maybe you                     felt
more, and I felt               less and even
though you left, you can still                  feel my cheeks cherrying
when the wrong phrase ends    our phone         call. Maybe
you can hear the backfill            where we used
to listen to cicadas on repeat                    and maybe my purple
afternoon is yours too. There’s no                        camera
with me today. It’s too personal, to sit                  alone, without you.

Forgery or How to Make Autumn

In-between Gods is a living thing, a waste-
land adorned. Revel in the hummingbird

rhythm pulsing through your ears. Lily soft
days will fade away into fall nights and petal

caresses will wilt and crisp like oak leaves. Hold
my gentle shadow, lift up the light grey, weigh

less than the leftover black. There’s a space between the eye
and the needle, there’s a drooping thread.

Ellery Beck is a freshman undergraduate student majoring in English. She’s currently studying at Salisbury University. Her poems are published or forthcoming in in Little Patuxent Review, Thin Air Magazine, Portland Review, The Scarab and The Broadkill Review.

Image Credit: “Factory Dreams,” Silvia La Rote
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