My Sister’s Grief

BY CL Bledsoe

Is a full glass on wobbly legs,
hovering over a laptop she can’t 
afford to replace.

Is a phone call to make sure
I’m not driving after my second

Is a fast thing, red and darting, 
whereas mine is slow and well-fed. 

Rides quietly beside her but mumbles
just out of hearing when she’s trying
to get home from work. 

Is a card in the mail, left on the table
to be opened.

Is a ringing phone that might be work.

Sits with her when she finally has time 
to eat but doesn’t speak. 

Asks her how her day has been and talks 
over the answer. 

Settles in while she’s making dinner. It has 
stories to tell, but remembers them all wrong.  

Reminds her after the sun brightens
the morning: I am here.

Raised on a rice and catfish farm in eastern Arkansas, CL Bledsoe is the author of more than thirty books, including the poetry collections Riceland, The Bottle Episode, and his newest, Driving Around, Looking in Other People’s Windows, as well as his latest novels Goodbye, Mr. Lonely and The Saviors. Bledsoe lives in northern Virginia with his daughter.

Image Credit: “Yin Yang” by Carrie Lee South